Safety and quality, represented by the two diamonds in our logo, drive our operation. Founded in September 2002, MBI is built on a foundation of service, quality, honesty, and innovation.

MBI utilizes a team of highly trained and diverse construction management personnel to evaluate project schedules, cost effectiveness, and the overall needs of our clients no matter how unique or diverse the project. Our skilled workers are certified, trained and utilize the latest technology, trucks, and equipment to perform efficiently and safely regardless of the task. MBI’s primary goal is customer satisfaction; we demand the best from ourselves so we can deliver the best to our clients.


MBI is committed to diversity. We take special care to ensure our hiring procedures are free from biases related to a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are unrelated to their job performance. Our supervisors and workforce include veterans from all branches of the military.


We feel grateful to give back to our community, working with organizations like the Police Athletic League and Big Brothers Big Sisters in a variety of ways, from event sponsorship to giving coats and gifts to brighten families’ holidays. Our focus has always been to make sure our donations are meaningful and directly impact children and families in need.